Arrr, y'all

The Crew

For background on my fabulous, colorful family, and  about six years’ worth of strange, entertaining stories leading up to this here blog, visit my former creative zone, Blue Ox.

The People

The Arab From Lebanucky

Fortune Teller, Magical Princess, Tae Kwon Do Kicker

Mo’s sweet grown-up surfer-boy son

Half Alien, Half Hippie, Half Pirate

The Non-People

Sugarpaw and Jake
Growling Scuffling Troublesome Four-Leggers

Way More Than 9 Lives

Alien Scout With Purrs

Snowcone, also known as Rabies-Shots,
Bloodthirsty Cute Fluff Hamster Ball

and not forgotten, Sunny
Low Rider, Original Dog of Dogs, gone on to the varmint field in the sky

The Setting

A beautiful and magical mixed-culture land that can only be entered by escaping a hot southwestern vortex


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