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Rocky’s Crazy Whacked-Out Dream: Egyptians, and Hellhounds, and Killing, and Other Stuff

By Rocky

(illustrations by Mama, except for the Magical Fruit Lady)

Last night I had a really weird dream, and my mama wanted me to record it, because she wanted to make a story about it.

Me and Mommy were for some really weird reason, we were sitting in an Egyptian’s dungeon room

Rayya's Dream Panel 1

and there was a magical fruit lady, and she was at the top of the building, and she said

Rayya's Dream Fruit Lady small“Hey Rocky, catch this, it’s skinny lotion”, and she tossed it to me and I said, “Hey Mommy, look, it’s skinny lotion, and look at that side exit, we can go through it” and we poured skinny lotion all over each other, and we slipped through the side exit

Rayya's Dream Panel 2

and then everybody started chasing us

Rayya's Dream Panel 3

and then as you would probably expect, I ran toward the horse barn because I love horses, and then Mama came up and I said, “Hey Mama, you want to know how sharp my Swiss army knife is,” and she said “Sure,” and I stuck it into her thumb, and she said, “Wow, that’s sharp”

Rayya's Dream Panel 4

and then she disappeared, and then I ran into the horse barn, and then I got a bridle, and then I put it on the horse, and then we started running around,

Rayya's Dream Panel 5

and then the horse started talking to me, and me and the horse were just jumping over the fence to get out, and there was this girl, and she said, “Hey, stop!”

Rayya's Dream Panel 6

and I said, “Hey, look what I found,” and I un-clipped the sword from her belt, and I said, “I’m gonna kill you,” and I went whack whack whack

Rayya's Dream Panel 7

and now she’s dead, and then I realized that Mommy was in a hellhound’s cage, and the hellhound was about to eat her, so I ran through, and I went over to Mommy, and I touched the point of the sword to the hellhound’s nose, and it said whhiiiine, and then I walked away, and then I untangled Mommy,

Rayya's Dream Panel 8

and then everybody started chasing us, for some reason, again

Rayya's Dream Panel 9

and then Pharaoh came, which is the king of the Egyptians, and then I cut off his head

Rayya's Dream Panel 10

and then we went home, and then there was the magical fruit lady again,

Rayya's Dream Fruit Lady big

the end.