Arrr, y'all

Fourteen years and I’m still bringing up the day you got us lost in the Bronx.

Pirate Haus pancakes

Mo and I rearranged the living room today.  I tell you this because I know you care.  Also we cooked a lot of food for the week, and I’ve warned Mo not to double up on recipes she’s never tried before, but she ignored me and now there’s a whole pot of Sweet Potato and Barley Stuff that is going to be fed to the wild animals.  Unless somebody wants it.  That’s like, oy, this tastes like gym shorts, here taste it.  But you never know, somebody out there may really like Sweet Potato and Barley Stuff. And Melissa said she’d obey my every command from here on out, for real.  Love that woman.  Did I ever tell you about the time she got us lost in the Bronx?  I always navigate, see, because I have a superhuman sense of direction, and Mo always drives because I have what Mom calls Auto Narcolepsy.  So we were driving past the Bronx, and Mo, who has always trusted my directions before, says “are you sure we don’t exit here?” and I say “I’m sure, keep going straight” and she says “I’m exiting” and then suddenly we’re lost in the Bronx.  Obviously it was I who navigated us out or we’d still be driving around the Bronx 12 years later.  To be fair, Mo does all the bill paying, because when I’ve tried on that role we had collection agencies crawling up our behinds, the point being I’m trying to be balanced and not seem like I’m being mean to my wife by telling stories that may possibly seem to be making her out to be slow. I should stop now.

(Melissa is awesome. And beautiful.  And I love her, and she’s smart as well.)

When I posted on the FB a few days ago that we were celebrating our 14 year anniversary of togetherness, I got some really nice comments about how our relationship is admirable and strong, and how lucky we are and how cute we are together, and how our love is beautiful, and I thought, wow, we’ve fooled everyone. I felt like a fraud.  I mean, behind the scenes? There are so many daily challenges just being ME, with my wonderful chaotic creative scatterbrain and ADD and various things I take medication for, and then adding in a life partner?  And pets that die and get hurt, and a kid with medical issues and kids that live far away who we miss, and watching our parents age (sorry Jeff and Ma) and two jobs each and not enough health insurance, all this pressure.  It wears on a marriage.  So I felt like a fraud, but only for a minute or two, because then I realized, as we were sitting side by side on separate computers after our date, and I was reading your sweet comments on my post, that we’ve been together fourteen years.  14.  That’s like half my life.

And though I may fudge a very small amount on my age, for Mo and me, numbers don’t lie.   Foul doubled recipes and Auto Narcolepsy and arguments be damned, we’re doing it with intention, and we’re doing it right.



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