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Pirates’ Trip Home, Part I

This summer, the girls and I visited my home state of Maine.  I’d been away for five years, if you’re talking about the last time I visited; looking at it another way, I left home at 16, moved a thousand miles away and have really never gone HOME, if you know what I mean. But I left a sizable chunk of my heart moored back there.  Over two decades I’ve slowly wound my way back around to the place I grew up.  Back up in Maine this time, things finally started knitting back together.  It was weird, and wonderful.

Many of these photos are compliments of my talented wife.

Ready, set, go.


First, on the way, a spontaneous detour to upstate New York …

…to see Niagara Falls.

We spent our first few days in Maine in the hometown where I grew up with Mother Pirate, my sister Kim and my brother, Tugboat Bill (whose nickname is another story).  Here’s Rocky beaching it with Kim.  Ry couldn’t wait to get her hands on that long hair.

I was reunited with my old pal Moe;

[Oh my gawd, we’re the cutest BFFs ever]

Moe’s mom and stepdad, who helped me survive my teenage angst;

[“and this here’s another of the 200 pics I have of my pets…”]

and my dear Nephew, who Ry is named after. He consented to take her on the ferris wheel at the hometown’s Heritage Days. See her teeth-gritting, white-knuckled anticipatory terror-joy?

Mo (my partner Mo, not my BFF Moe – note the “e”) took this one of the Bath bridge over the Kennebec.

We also got to visit with my brother-in-love Rob, my nephew Robbie and Rob’s brand new grandson (well, brand new to me, anyway).

Completely gratuitous shot of Remi chewing my shoulder

Last but not least, before leaving the Mom hometown to journey up to the island  (the Dad hometown), we enjoyed a barbeque dinner and s’mores with one of mom’s dearest friends and her husband.  It was a wonderful evening.

Reconnecting with old friends and family,  redefining myself in relationship to the place where I grew up.  The first leg  over, it was time to head up to the island where my heart has lived these long years.


Beautiful island photos to come …