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It’s a Blaaargh

I’m Blue.  I have another blog, and Bluegrass Pirates is really an extension of that one, kind of a Chapter Two, so if you’re new to Blue go on over to Blue Ox for some background, tales of Aliens, Barbies and Taxidermy Gerbils.  This blog is just like that one, except that instead of being called Blue Ox, it’s called Bluegrass Pirates. I was going to call it Bluegrass Pirate, note the singular, but my daughter Rocky has decided to enter the world of blogging, and she’s part pirate too.  So she made me put the S on the title.  The Bluegrass part refers to my honey, Mo.  She’s from Lebanucky, a mysterious land where Arabs speak in a Southern drawl.  The Pirate part comes from my privateer ancestry, which I’m convinced is in large part why I’m so weird.

I made the skull and crossbones myself. With my mad photoshop skillz.

This is what I look like.

So look for posts from me, from Rocky, maybe even a photo or two from the talented Mo.  Sneak preview: I have written a book, or rather drawn a book, of cartoons.  It’s called Tales From the Toilet. My goal is to post that here in the future.

Y’all come back!